Proba-V MEP TPS Project Kick-off 

11/01/2017 - The technical kick-off meeting of the Proba-V MEP TPS Project has been held today. Progressive Systems will be part of the Consortium led by Space Applications Services, including European Universities, Research Centres and SMEs working on several research tasks involving Proba-V data. 


Progressive will be responsible for the research task named "Fires and Burned Areas Detection" aiming at enabling enhanced support in forest fires monitoring and management to Western Africa countries. 



Sentinel App season update! 

20/12/2016 A new update of the ESA Sentinel App is coming up! The latest changes have brought us the acquisition plans and swath animations for Sentinel-1A, Sentinel-1B and Sentinel-2A, a powerful visualization of Sentinel product availability on the geographic and temporal dimensions, the highlights of the Sentinel-1 mission achievements and even a more complete picture of the satellite surroundings in the 3D model section, with the Earth, the Moon, the Sun and the stars now visible. 


 Just in time for the evening of December 25th, we are bringing you a very special update that introduces the details of the inside of the Sentinel-1, Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 units and will let you discover the orbit of this festive season’s most expected traveller, once he starts his journey around the globe!  

If you haven't downloaded the App yet, it is available for iOS on the App Store at 


and for Android on Google Play at 


Stay tuned for the update and the Christmas surprise! 


MUTE Project CCN kick-off 

25/07/2016 - The "Multiple Frequency Radar Compact Transponder (MUTE) Project" CCN has been successfully kicked-off today by ESA and Space Engineering. 


Progressive Systems as subcontractor in the selected consortium led by Space Engineering will ensure continuous monitoring of the transponders via Sentinel 1A and 1B data analysis throughout the duration of the project and provide timely and relevant parameters to support field validation activities. 



ESA Research and Service Support Contract awarded 

01/08/2015 - Progressive Systems will be part of the ESA EMSS Framecontract as well covering major roles in the Research and Service Support (RSS) service. As subcontractor in the selected consortium led by CGI UK, Progressive will be responsible for service management, operations, research support and exploitation platform support. 


The objective of the RSS service is to provide tools, resources and expert support to researchers, service companies, educators, and other relevant stakeholders (e.g. application platforms) involved in Earth Observation data exploitation. 



Software Prototyping and Mobile App Development Contract by ESA awarded 

01/10/2014 - Earlier this year, the European Space Agency (ESA) released an open invitation to tender for an activity encompassing software prototyping and mobile app development.


The contract was awarded to an international consortium led by Solenix Deutschland GmbH (DE) with ASRC Srl (RO), GISAT s.r.o. (CZ), Progressive Systems Srl (IT) and Qualteh JR Srl (RO) as subcontractors. The framework contract will span over three years and host multiple individual projects. 


The purpose of the contract is on one hand, to promote ESA's activities, and products in the Earth Observation domain to users, scientists and the general public in order to increase awareness and facilitate exploitation of the Earth Observation data. On the other hand the contract will serve as a mechanism to reduce technical risks in  the development of the Earth Observation Ground Segment by means of rapid prototyping for new concept and technology assessment.


All members of the consortium are really excited and motivated to start their activities in this contract.